Thursday, August 8, 2019

1987 Backstop - Around the Web

Backstop is one of the final figures from my childhood.  He and Persuader comprised most of my Joe heavy armor during the latter half of 1987 and he remains important to me for that reason.  The figure's yellow pants make no sense and there's no justifying them outside of childhood nostalgia.  But, he checks that box for me.  Backstop was surprisingly popular when I looked for content.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

Backstop Profile

Argentina (Plastirama) Backstop Profile

Backstop by Purple Cobra

Backstop by Slipstream80

Backstop at

Backstop by thedustinmccoy

Backstop by Edwin80s

1987 Backstop, Persuader, Road Toad, 2005 Cobra Imperial Guard

1987 Backstop, Persuader, Road Toad, 2005 Cobra Imperial Guard

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  1. Man, I loved Backstop as a kid. I loved how his shoulders and helmet were armored since those parts are exposed when he is driving the Persuader. It actually kind of makes sense (in a having vehicles with open cockpits kind of logic). I also love his revolver. It's beautiful and definitely one of the coolest pistols in the ARAH line. Plus, while they're sculpted on, the fact that he's sporting two more pistols on his hips and a knife across his chest made him seem like he was legitimately ready for a fight. I remember him being a hockey player and being Canadian, so I always thought that his brighter colors and shoulder pads might be meant to evoke a hockey uniform.