Thursday, August 1, 2019

2005 Convention Gung Ho - Around the Web

Convention figures are a mixed bag for me.  They often used molds that didn't otherwise appear during the repaint era.  But, in their effort to be different and give the collector a feeling that the figures were actually work ~$15 each, the paint applications were often overly intricate: betraying the essence of Joe.  After a decade and a half, though, my stance has softened on many of these figures.  They're still not my favorites.  But, we never got anything better and having any repaints is better than none.  This Gung Ho shows the quality of the Mega Marines mold and proves that well done repaints of '90's figure molds would have worked at retail.  Here's the best of the 2005 Convention Gung Ho from around the web.

Gung Ho Profile

Gung Ho at

Convention Gung Ho at

Gung Ho at IceBreaker's HQ

2005 Convention Gung Ho, Mega Marines, Hard Rain Cammo

2005 Convention Gung Ho, Mega Marines, Hard Rain Cammo, Steel Brigade, 1994 Stalker, Battle Corps


  1. I can easily see 90s Mega Marines become my new obsession. I love the Monster Blaster, I think the Mega Monsters are interesting, and the bright figures and Play-Doh gimmick would appeal to my kids.

  2. That top pic make him look like a younger Terry O'Quinn.

    It's a shame that set he was in skipped the other Mega Marines (besides a partial use of a renamed Blast Off) and gave us BLACKSTAR-STEEL BRIGADE. CUZ ARMY BUILDERZ...that's all collector really cares about that and Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow variants.