Thursday, January 16, 2020

1989 Backblast - Around The Web

I still maintain that at some point in his origin, Backblast started as a new version of Zap.  But, instead, we got a new character that's extremely well done.  Backblast features excellent colors, an amazing array of gear and is one of those obscure Joes who make the line.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1989 Backblast Profile

1989 Backblast by thedustinmccoy

1989 Backblast by ironman3719

1989 Backblast by thedustinmccoy 02

1989 Backblast by formbx257

1989 Backblast at

1989 Backblast by Falcon Chile

1989 Backblast by Slipstream80


  1. I like to think of the GIJOE might-have-been's, and this is one I never considered; his face does look like Zap, and as they molded Rock & Roll's hat on, this time, makes sense they'd have done that with Zap. I read that 1994 Movie Mortal Combat Tsang Sun was intended to be Budo. I am now convinced 1991 Talking Hawk, and 1992 red & tan Duke were supposed to be Sgt. Slaughter the physiques obviously resemble Slaughter, more than Hawk & Due ; its a tragedy, that they weren't. By same reasoning, that 91 Hawk's face was obviously sculpted after George Bush in the Gulf War.

    1. Slaughter's contract ended at the end of 1990. Then he was back in the WWF as a heel "traitor" to the USA. I doubt Hasbro had anything else planned, as they knew his contract was ending (not a Slaughter figure in the 1990 series)

      I always thought that maybe General Flagg and Talking Hawk got switched at some point. Or I just think that way because Flagg Jr's look is like an updated 1986 Hawk and Talking Hawk has the sunglasses and stern look that Flagg Sr. always wore.