Thursday, January 30, 2020

1992 Big Bear - Around The Web

Big Bear was the second entry of the Oktober Guard in the vintage line.  He's a great mold with solid colors and fun gear.  The character is obscure.  But, he's also very well done.  The later repaints of the mold were also excellent.  Here's the best of this 1992 version around the web.

Big Bear Profile

Big Bear by strikeforce_codename

Big Bear the thedustinmccoy

Big Bear by HCC788

Big Bear at

Big Bear by Nekoman

Big Bear by Flint

1992 Big Bear, Oktober Guard, 1994 Razor Blade

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  1. Decent mold. I had an extra, so I painted the straps, belt and hat black and painted the grenade grey. Looks way better.