Thursday, December 19, 2019

1987 Worms Around The Web

Most collectors know the Worm figure due to the hard to find antenna and Rocketeer style helmet.  If you get past that, though, the figure is a solid design in a color not often used for Cobra.  Helming a Maggot with a full crew of them is fun and really makes for good photos.  Here's the best I could find of the Worms figure around the web.

Worms Profile

Maggot Profile

Worms And Maggot by Strike Force Code Name

Worms by Scarrviper

Worms by Outrider 01

Worms at JoeBattleLines

Worms by Outrider 02

Worms by guiltridden

Worms by Outrider 03

Worms by Outrider 04

Worms by Fantom

1987 Worms, Maggot, Black Major, Crimson Guard, CORPS!, Lanard, Firefighter


  1. That ridiculous piece of plastic is worth 100 bucks basically.Someone really needs to make some repos out there. Great figure, though.

  2. Is that a CORPS figure in a Mike T photo?!! *faints*

    1. :) I found a $2 bag at the local thrift store that had that Action Soldier in it. The Firefighter was in there, too. But, it's a first for sure!