Thursday, December 5, 2019

2000/2001 Sidetrack - Around The Web

Back in late 2000, Hasbro dropped the second wave of the A Real American Hero collection.  I'd argue now that it was actually better than the first wave as it included a ton of molds collectors had yet to see and they, mostly, included all their original gear.  I'm hard pressed to really pick which of the 6 figures in the wave is the best.  But, the Ambush repaint renamed as Sidetrack is easily up there.  It's a great mold from the 1990's that was hugely under-appreciated at the time and was colored significantly differently from the original figure.  Here's the best of Sidetrack from around the web.

2001 Sidetrack Profile

Sidetrack by Past Nastifiction

Sidetrack at

Sidetrack by wigramjoe

Sidetrack at

Sidetrack by battlearmordad1

Sidetrack at

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  1. Yeah - Love this guy, but his BP broke on him day one - Peg snapped stuck in his back! Still, I got the 2-pack for $5 at a flea, and took some fun picks with his card-mate Duke when I went to upstate NY a couple years ago.


  2. Unlike Ambush could hold his bullpup style rifle decently thanks to soft plastic hands.
    The weak aspect is is the character, as no amount of colors changed can separate him from Ambush.