Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Hasbro Canada Find

If you frequent this site, you have undoubtedly seen me refer to the Hasbro Canada Find. In the spring of 1999, some people on the alt.toys.gi-joe.1980s newsgroup contacted Hasbro Canada to see if they had any surplus G. I. Joe product left over from the old mail in offers. Similar efforts had been conducted against Hasbro U.S., but the people were flatly told that there was no surplus product. Hasbro Canada, however, proved a different story.

Apparently, Hasbro Canada did have quite a haul of surplus Joe product left over, and they were only too happy to get rid of it at dirt cheap prices. They offered figures for $1.00 American. The vehicles they offered were also insanely similarly priced. There were no limits, except on the amount of stock they had. Certain figures were sold out in a matter of days. They were replaced with other figures they couldn't get rid of. (Like Thunder!) There were reports of people getting some odd figures that weren't offered on the list, but, for the most part, the orders came in as people had ordered them. The figures were all bagged or on the cardboard backers the old vehicle drivers came in.

I got my Nitro Viper, Motor Viper, Crankcase, 1992 Ace, 1984 Thunder, 1985 Keep Haul, and several other figures from them. Most of what they offered were vehicle drivers, but they did have some other figures available. I also scored 2 bright red mail away Firebats and 2 bright green mail away Sky Hawks. I love small planes and these two are among my favorites to play with. I had always wanted a Firebat. When I got them, I opened one and planned on keeping the other in the bag. After about a week, I couldn't stand it and opened the other one as well. I certainly do not regret that move. It's an awesome toy that just begs to be played with.

Did you cash in on this find? What did you get? I would like to know so I can create a master list of everything they offered. Please, email me.

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