Thursday, January 25, 2018

1993 Spirit Iron Knife Mail Away - Around the Web

The 1992 Spirit figure was a great mold update of a classic character.  But, he was included in an obscure release with lower production numbers.  So, Hasbro repainted the figure in 1993 but also released it in an obscure mail away promotion.  The result is an excellent repaint that's rather hard to find.

This is my de facto Spirit figure.  The colors are strong and he looks good with an array of accessories. There's not a ton of content on this figure out there.  But, being an obscure release from the line's latest years generally leads to a dearth of information.  He remains one of my favorite figures, though.  Here's what I could find on him from around the web.

Spirit Profile

Spirit Dio 1

International Action Force at

1993 Spirit by dreadnokdread

Menace in the Wilderness Insert at

International Action Force at

Spirit Dio 2

1993 Spirit, Col. Courage, Mail Away, International Action Team, Night Force Falcon, 1988

1993 Spirit, Col. Courage, Mail Away, International Action Team, Night Force Falcon, 1988


  1. Another grenade-happy sculpt, but still pretty good. Spirit mixes white and gold grenades for that hot new look.

    Why was he part of international action force? Why not Skymate? Who knows?

    At one point if you bought a 2 year subscription to a certain scalper toy mag, the set was one of the "free gifts" you could choose. I guess because 90's JOEs were not in demand at the time.

    1. It's amazing to me how the sets that were given away for free with that magazine have now gotten "rare" and expensive. I think there's still tons of these '93 mail aways out there in the possession of guys who kind of collected Joe at the time and who don't realize that some of these sets are nearly triple digit values now. The influx of new collectors that seems to coincide with the downturn in Star Wars 3 3/4" collecting interest seems to be driving up prices of many of these once common items.

  2. I think the mold looks better in these colors even with the oddly colored grenades. Always thought that the 1992 Spirit looked like he was wearing "mom jeans".

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