Thursday, September 12, 2019

1987 Maverick - Around The Web

Maverick is one of the better Battle Force 2000 figures.  His colors work with aircraft and he can be used with the JUMP or other, smaller flying vehicles.  The code name is a rip off of Top Gun.  But, G.I. Joe ripped off more that most collectors realize.  I still think his helmet is one of the cooler ones of the 1980's.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1987 Maverick Profile

Maverick Video Review by HCC788

Battle Force 2000 By Toys & Bacon

Maverick at

Maverick at

Maverick by Slipstream80

Maverick Variants by Hit and Run

1987 Maverick, Battle Force 2000, 1990 Retaliator, Crazylegs

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