Saturday, April 8, 2017

1989 Slaughter's Marauders Mutt - Around the Web

Mutt is a personal favorite of mine.  The mold is great and the character is fun.  His appearance in the Slaughter's Marauders was a great way to get him into the hands of a new generation of collectors.  The figure is solid, if a little odd.

You might be wondering how he fits into International Joe Month.  But, this figure was actually produced by Estrela in Brazil.  Hasbro then imported them to the U.S. for release.  So, technically, you can make an argument that he's a Brazilian figure.  Though, you'd probably lose that argument.  Here's the best on the figure from around the web:

Slaughter's Marauders Mutt Profile

Pre-Production Slaughter's Marauders Mutt at

Mutt - Comparison of all Releases from Around the World

Mutt at

Mutt at

Mutt Custom at

Mutt at

1989 Slaughter's Marauders Mutt, Rock and Roll, 1988 Mean Dog

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  1. That's why loose Slaughter Marauder figures often have broken thumbs. Guess it's also why the team had an odd composition. They were an armor force, but had a dog handler and firefighter. I guess Barbacue was good for putting out tanks on fire. Heavy Metal/Rampage should've been on the team. IIRC estrela had that mold by then...maybe.