Monday, April 24, 2017

Aguia Comando - Carded Figure

In Brazil, a small series of Sky Patrol figures were released under the Patrulha Do Ar subset.  The four members of this group were all characters, figure combinations and paint schemes exclusive to Brazil.  Through the years, I've showcased three of the four members of this set.  The final member, Aguia Comando was part of my collection for a long time.  I got a carded version of him back when such things were easy to find and cheap to acquire.  I meant to open him just as I had opened the other members of this set.  But, I never got around to it.  And, the price kept rising.  He, ultimately, became one of the figures I sold in the great purge just because I figured I'd get a loose one someday.
Well, someday still hasn't come.  But, I have the images from when Aguia Comando called my collection home.

Aguia Comando, Patrulha do Ar, Brazil Sky Patrol, G.I. Joe, Estrela
Aguia Comando MOC

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