Friday, April 28, 2017

Tiger Force Tunnel Rat

Hasbro released 6 exclusive members of the Tiger Force team in Europe: Outback, Psyche Out, Hit and Run, Blizzard, Sneak Peek and Tunnel Rat.  All have their charms with bizarre, deep orange and blue colors.  I looked at the Tunnel Rat figure many years ago.  The figure still holds up as an odd look for an iconic character.  The orange headband, yellow scarf, red shirt and blue pants don't make much sense and are an assault on good taste.  Were this an American figure, it's unlikely it would be loved.  But, as a harder to find, international variant, it has taken on a life of its own.

Tunnel Rat was a childhood favorite of mine.  I liked the character and his figure was epic.  This version is less so.  But, it still cool as a oddity and something different for Tunnel Rat.  Below you will see the figure and a carded sample.  The card artwork showcasing the new color ensemble.

European Exclusive Tiger Force Tunnel Rat, Albatroz, Patrulha do Ar, Sky Patrol, Estrela, Brazil

Tiger Force Tunnel Rat MOC


  1. "Were this an American figure, it's unlikely it would be loved."
    That applies to many Foreign exclusives. I think of Letal...and how under-loved the domestic Frag-Viper is, so a mass released neon-green version would be as well liked as Battle Corps EEL or something. Most fans don't like the very colorful figures, sometimes though people jump on the bandwagon or eventually start to appreciate stuff made after 1986.

    TF Tunnel-Rat loses some luster points because he has a red shirt and Sonic Fighters Tunnel Rat also had that, though maybe a different shade.

    And Tunnel Rat...guy goes the Special Team distance. Night Force, Sonic Fighters, Tiger Force (Euro) and Desert Patrol Squad. He and Roadblock (TF, Star Brigade, NF, Anti-Venom, Heavy Weapons) had a competition going. Maybe Duke, too (TF, Star Brigade +Armor Tech, NF, Anti-Venom, Heavy Weapons).

  2. @ A-Man-I agree with you. Sometimes I wonder whether I buy foreign/rare Joes because of their "rarity" or because I actually like the figure. For example, I really want a nice Moondancer.But I wonder how much I necessarily would want him if he were not so rare or expensive...