Friday, April 21, 2017

Brazilian Vibora Card Art Vs. Python Officer

The Python Patrol Officer was released in the U.S. in 1989.  This repainted Cobra Trooper utilized the card artwork from the original release.  But, Hasbro updated the colors to match their new subset of figures that were brought to retail as Python Patrol.  Around 1993 or so, the Cobra Trooper mold showed up in Brazil.  Here, he was released in Python Patrol colors as Vibora.  While the toy mold remained the same as an American release, Vibora was given brand new card artwork.

Vibora Card Art

Vibora features the classic Python Patrol coloring from the 1989 U.S. figure.  So, Hasbro sent those paint masks to Brazil for the swivel arm trooper mold.  But, this is the only connection to the U.S. release.  Vibora is in a completely different pose.  He also features his Brazilian exclusive weapons (a remake of Hit and Run's rifle and the Range Viper's grenade launcher) drawn into his hands.

Oddly, Vibor's name translates as Viper.  G.I. Joe fans know the Viper as the building block of the Cobra army and their successor to the original Cobra upon which Vibora is based.

1989 Python Officer Card Art
The biggest difference I see in the two artworks are the characters eyes.  Vibora's eyes are wide and somewhat crazy.  He looks worried and overwhelmed by his station.  The Python Officer's eyes, though, look very, very evil.  He has the hardened face of a career mercenary.  Each of them is cool in their own way.  But, the eyes seem to be the biggest characterization difference between the two releases.

Vibora Cardback and Filecard
Here is rough translation of Vibora's filecard:
He is extremely vengeful. And fast in your actions. Perfect for being the commander of the Cobra attack jets. His thirst for vengeance leads him to despise danger. And when it lands, its speed leaves the inmates unreacted.
Once, at school, Vibora needed to take ten to not be disapproved. He had no doubts: he took the test from the most intelligent colleague, put his name and called the teacher. For what? To accuse the unfortunate of wanting to take his test.

Vibora and Python Officer Card Artwork Comparison


  1. His actual code name is PYTHON. But he's a "Viper". Strange.

    Vibora's been an a-hole since grade school. That's pretty realistic. LOL. No tragic backstory, he was a shitheel since he was knee-high to a duck.

    And he's a pilot?

    It's curious Vibora's artwork moves his upper arm shells to the front like the swivel arm figure, but keeps the right arm garotte handle on the side like the straight arm figure (and original art work).

    Also, using that odd Range Viper mortar as a pistol.

    I like the Brazilian artwork on this one. Sometimes foreign artwork kind sucks so bad it's funny (Funskool), but here it's cool.

  2. Hey do you still have the cardbacks? I would like to get high quality scan of them. I am looking for some high quality scan of a couple of cardbacks, python, Brazil, etc.

    1. I do. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or OG13 and I can send you the proof scans.