Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rarities - Unproduced Wal Mart Sky Patrol Alley Viper

In 2003, Wal Mart approached Hasbro for an exclusive run of G.I. Joe Figures.  Originally, the 6 figure series was going to be based on Sky Patrol and include vintage style G.I. Joe molds.  The figures were planned as three Joes and three Cobras: Snake Eyes, Duke, Low Light, Stormshadow, Hiss Driver (possibly as Rip It) and this Alley Viper.  However, the parachutes could not pass a safety test and Wal Mart scrapped these figures. They were replaced with an 6 figure set of new sculpt molds where a desert Joe was paired with an urban Cammo Cobra.

Large quantities of the Wal Mart Sky Patrol figures were produced, though.  They were readily available from Asian Joe sellers in the mid 2000's.  This Alley Viper was among the more popular figures and tended to fetch higher prices than even the Hiss Driver.  (He's also a great match for the 1997 Rage and at least one collector built an army of these figures to man that vehicle in his displays.)  Of the figures in the set, though, this Alley Viper was probably the least distinctive except for Snake Eyes.  Hasbro produced many flavors of this mold in blues and reds.  So, collectors have similar enough figures to not feel as cheated.  But, it's still an unproduced figure that has gotten very hard to find these days.

2003 Unproduced Wal Mart Exclusive Sky Patrol Alley Viper

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  1. It seems like this figure's color scheme is a mix of both 2002 versions