Friday, June 3, 2016

Rarities - 1993 Mega Marines Clutch

The Mega Marines are a high quality sub set that suffer from questionable color choices.  Originally, though, the figures were going to be a little different.  Below you see a hand painted sample of the Clutch figure.  While the trademark bright orange is still present, he had some more vibrant ancillary colors as well.  The real different, though, is the presence of the unproduced goggles.  This sculpt eventually made it's way to the Mirage figure.  But, they were originally intended to be part of the Clutch design as well.

I think this figure is a cool look into the image the designers had for Mega Marines.  But, the Clutch figure's garish paint job was not going to be saved by the inclusion of the goggles.  Through the years, a lot of accessories were planned for figures that never saw the light of day.  Sadly, they were mostly discarded for cost reasons.  But, items like this show that that designers had grander plans for this figure.  But, they still always intended for it to be orange.

1993 Mega Marines Clutch, Unproduced, Prototype,

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